What is a nanny?

A nanny is someone who is paid to look after your children in your own home and treats this as their place of work. Nannies can be live-in or live-out, full or part-time. You may need a nanny to care for your children while you are at work or you may want someone to work alongside you. You may even want to share a nanny with a friend or neighbour to reduce the cost. Not all nannies will be trained and they are not legally required to be so. However, at Hilary’s Agency we only place nannies with relevant qualifications unless they have had significant childcare experience. It is not mandatory, but nannies can be registered with Ofsted on the voluntary part of the Ofsted Childcare Registration (OCR). To find out how to do this visit the Ofsted website. 

What does a nanny do?

A nanny’s duties involve everything that needs to be done to care for, nurture and develop your child while they are not at nursery or school. This includes planning safe and fun learning opportunities, preparing healthy meals and snacks, getting the children washed and dressed for the day or preparing for bed, washing and ironing the children’s clothes, plus tidying and organising bedrooms or playrooms. If your child is already at nursery or school, then your nanny will take and collect them if you require this. Most nannies have a network of nanny friends and so your child will have lots of play dates with other children.

What can you expect from Hilary’s Agency?

We have a wealth of experience when it comes to recruiting and placing nannies. All our nannies are interviewed and we check every reference and qualification. We make sure we ask our applicants and prospective families the right questions so that we can match up the right person for the job. Because we have been placing nannies for 25 years, we can provide you with invaluable advice.

Does the Government provide financial help for childcare?

Eligible parents who use registered childcare can get financial support through the childcare element of Working Tax Credits or employers supplying Childcare Vouchers.

How much does a nanny cost?

Salaries vary according to whether your nanny lives with you or in her own home and whether you require her to work full or part-time, and where you live. Full-time salaries in Hilary’s Agency catchment area are currently:

  • £400-450 (net) per week –  Full-time live-out nanny
  • £350-400 (net) per week –  Full-time live-in nanny

How does a nanny get paid?

It is the responsibility of the nanny’s employer to pay her tax and national insurance to the Inland Revenue and pay the nanny a weekly or monthly net salary. You can calculate tax and NI yourself or use an accountant or nanny tax service such as Nannytax.

Hilary’s Agency placement fees

  • £495 – Qualified full-time live-out nanny
  • £595 – Qualified full-time live-in nanny

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